Liferay is the market's leading open source portal plaform. Liferay offers open source solutions for portals, content and colaboration.

Liferay permits single point management of all corporate information and applications, providing centralized services for the entire portal. It includes powerful and flexible content management as well as a wide variety of preinstalled portlets and applications that bring in a range of functionalities including colaboration, social and application integration.

Liferay is open source platform that is robust, powerful, flexible, easy to integrate and standards compliant (JSR-168, JSR-286 and JSR 170). Liferay is available in in an enterprise version which includes manufacturer sopport. DOWNLOAD PORTAL BEST PRACTICES

Why Liferay?

  • Standards based (JSR-168, JSR-286, JSR-170), robust and scalable.
  • Customizable. Includes workflow funcionality.
  • Includes content management and web content mangement capabilities.
  • Colaborative environment and social software.
  • Multilingual. Supports single sign-on and LDAP integration.

Liferay Portal partner

Our experience with Liferay began quite some time ago, starting with the 3.6.1 community version (the enterprise version didn't exist yet).

Almost every solution we develop for Liferay is deployed within a portal - either a private corporate portal (intranet or extranet) or a public corporate portal. We truly believe Liferay portal is a key element for any business which wishes to integrate its applications and build better communication with its clients, partners, providers and employees.

Additionally, Liferay and Alfresco make the perfect team for many corporate infrastructures, having become the open source leaders in their respective areas.
Taking advantage of our knowledge of the business and their experience with Alfresco and Liferay, we made a good team during the development of a tool for the document management of our engineering projects, later extending the solution to the rest of our corporate intranet and our client and partner extranet." - Sangeetha Narayan
IT Director Initec Energía

Our clients

Our solutions for Liferay

Liferay Portal is a great product, but to really enjoy the benefits it's highly recommendable to rely on someone with a deep knowledge of the platform and it's underlying technologies. Evoltia's Liferay team has this knowledge and experience, acquired over years of Liferay installations and projects.

Liferay Portal comes with wide variety of applications and portlets right out of the box. As a standards compliant platform, it also allows the addition of compliant portlets developed by other vendors. As for development, it is possible to create any imaginable application as a standards based portlet, which has the benefit of being reusable in any other standards based portal platform.

Liferay as a development platform

Liferay Portal includes a development environment which allows us to easily create scalable and integrated applications in any newer versions of the platform. In this same environment we can also overwrite or extend any of the standard portal functionalities, allowing us to adapt the platform to our needs.

This way we can integrate applications from a common entry point and take advantage of the core services that the platform offers: theming, page and layout management, role and group based security, content management, multilingual capabilities and more.

Liferay Solutions by Evoltia

evoReports: Alfresco reporting evoReports allows search and report generation over any kind of information stored in the Alfresco repository.
Integral solutions for Alfresco and Liferay Portal Liferay permits the central management of corporate portals. Our integration solution takes care of the rest: users, groups, sites, content and permissions can also be centrally managed.
SAP-Alfresco electronic billing integration: Store your ERP information in Alfresco: bills, receipts, orders and more can be accessed from Alfresco thanks to our integration solution.
Alfresco CV and hiring solutions Streamline the management of candidate data and hiring proccesses with our Alfresco based solution.
SEO/SEM Services Get the most out of your online business through search engine optimization and target your market segment better through search engine marketing.
Solutions for mobile and tablets Access information from any device and smooth out your business processes with our mobile solutions.

Evaluate Liferay for Free

Get in touch and we'll help you find out if Liferay meets your needs through a demo or proof of concept.

If you're considering Liferay for a public corporate portal, intranet, extranet or application integration platform, we can help you evaluate the most interesting functionalities that adapt to the needs of your organization and show you our standards based solutions for Liferay Portal.
  • Evaluate Liferay for free
  • We can install a free test environment so you can experience the platform firsthand.
  • We can create a proof of concept in line with the needs of your business.