Alfresco is the market's leading open source business content management system developed by the most experienced team in the sector, calling from Documentum®, Vignette® and Interwoven®. Based on ECM experience and proprietary technology, Alfresco tries to shore up the principal shortcomings of these systems: high cost, high complexity, and lack of control by the client.

The Alfresco content management platform uses open standards to provide document management, web content management, records management and collaboration tools to more than 1,100 enterprise clients in 40 countries.

Alfresco's low cost subscription model helps organizations reduce costs by avoiding recurring maintenance fees.


Alfresco 4 Benefits

  • Flexibility: multiple implementation options
  • Scalability: add cluster nodes according to your needs
  • Alfresco Indexing Server: Alfresco 4 supports a separate indexing system to reduce server load
  • Speed: upload speeds up to 3 times faster (than version 3.4)

Spain's First Alfresco Partner

Our first experiences with Alfresco began at the end of 2005 when the powerful repository was still in its beta phase.

We evaluated the product and were so impressed by its potential that well got in touch with Alfresco development team. We then headed over to the UK to become the first Alfresco partner in Spain.

Since then we have successfully rolled out Alfresco at businesses in very diverse sectors and developed all kinds of solutions based on the product to meet the needs of our clients.

An important detail to keep in mind for your company is that choosing Alfresco means having freedom to choose your integrator, due to the huge network partners worldwide. However, it's our goal to become your technology partner and we're convinced we will be able to do just that.
Taking advantage of our knowledge of the business and their experience with Alfresco and Liferay, we made a good team during the development of a tool for the document management of our engineering projects, later extending the solution to the rest of our corporate intranet and our client and partner extranet." - Sangeetha Narayan
IT Director Initec Energy

Our clients

Alfresco as a development platform

The core of this system is a powerful repository capable of persisting content, metadata, associations and indexed search. Moreover, Alfresco incorporates programing interfaces in multiple languages and a variety of protocols with which developers can create custom solutions and integrate with other products and applications.

Because Alfresco is 100% Java, it can run on any system that supports Java Enterprise Edition. The core is based on the Spring platform, with modular functionalities like versioning, security and rules. Alfresco also utilizes scripting languages to simplify the creation of new functionality and to develop new programming interfaces. This part of the architecture is known as "web scripts" and can be used in both the data services and presentation layers. It's a lightweight architecture, easy to download, install and deploy.

Our solutions for Alfresco

Alfresco is more than a content management product: it's a development platform that allows the adaptation of content models to your business, screens and workflow customization according to your company's processes, and the creating of custom modules specific to the needs of each client and project.

Alfresco is flexible and powerful, but in order to get the most out of the product it's highly recommendable to rely on someone with a deep knowledge of the platform and it's underlying technologies, as well as mastery of key ECM concepts such as metadata, rules, actions, workflows, groups and permissions.

At Evoltia, our team has the knowledge and experience that only comes from years of installing and developing on this platform.

Solutions for Alfresco Enterprise by Evoltia

evoReports: Alfresco reporting evoReports allows search and report generation over any kind of information stored in the Alfresco repository.
Integral solutions for Alfresco and Liferay Portal Liferay permits the central management of corporate portals. Our integration solution takes care of the rest: users, groups, sites, content and permissions can also be centrally managed.
SAP-Alfresco electronic billing integration: Store your ERP information in Alfresco: bills, receipts, orders and more can be accessed from Alfresco thanks to our integration solution.
Alfresco CV and hiring solutions Streamline the management of candidate data and hiring proccesses with our Alfresco based solution.
SEO/SEM Services Get the most out of your online business through search engine optimization and target your market segment better through search engine marketing.
Solutions for mobile and tablets Access information from any device and smooth out your business processes with our mobile solutions.

Evaluate Alfresco Free of Charge

Contact our company and we will help you find if Alfresco is right for your business through a demo or proof of concept.

Alfresco ECM includes different modules and interfaces as well as being a platform for development and integration with other business applications. Either through an online or on site demo we can explain in detail the functionality and posibility that Alfresco ECM can bring to your business.

Some of the benefits of Alfresco ECM

  • Easy to use, deploy, customize and develop using popular technology stacks.
  • Scalable in terms of data volume, processing speed and supported users.
  • A modular approach.
  • Uses the best third-party libraries.
  • Platform independent.
  • A solid and powerful core.
  • A standars bases approach.
  • Easily extensible through scripting languages.
  • Evaluate Alfresco free of charge for 30 days.
  • We can install a sandbox directly in your network.
  • Let us create a proof of concept in line with your business.