Solutions by platform

We principally offer business solutions based on open source technologies, oriented towards clients, partneres, providers and employees. We combine business experience and technological know-how to deliver solutions that both cutting edge and functionally on target.

  • Robust and flexible
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Multi-device and multi-platform
Since 2005 until today we have successfully implanted Alfresco in businesses in a diverse range of sectors, creating a variety of solutions based on this ECM platform to meet the needs of our clients.
The majority of our solutions are deployed in a portal - either a public corportate portal or a private portal such as an intranet or extranet. We believe that corporate portal sites are a key solution to the needs of almost any business.
Our clients have diverse IT infrastructures and backgrounds, which is why we have developed a wide variety of global consulting, development and integration solutions.

Highlighted solutions by Evoltia

evoReports: Alfresco reporting evoReports allows search and report generation over any kind of information stored in the Alfresco repository.
Integral solutions for Alfresco and Liferay Portal Liferay permits the central management of corporate portals. Our integration solution takes care of the rest: users, groups, sites, content and permissions can also be centrally managed.
SAP-Alfresco electronic billing integration: Store your ERP information in Alfresco: bills, receipts, orders and more can be accessed from Alfresco thanks to our integration solution.
Alfresco CV and hiring solutions Streamline the management of candidate data and hiring proccesses with our Alfresco based solution.
SEO/SEM Services Get the most out of your online business through search engine optimization and target your market segment better through search engine marketing.
Solutions for mobile and tablets Access information from any device and smooth out your business processes with our mobile solutions.