A full-featured reporting solution for Alfresco

evoReports is a full-featured solution for report design, creation and execution for the Alfresco platform. Based on Jasper Reports, evoReports extends Alfresco's existing functionality to create a reporting solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to use and install.

    Flexible and customizable

    evoReports adapts to the needs of your business. A powerful tool for all kinds of users.

    Totally integrated

    evoReports extends Alfresco's interface, allowing users run reports directly from Share and the web client.

    Easy installation

    evoReports doesn't require additional databases or programming knowledge to get started - installs in just five minutes.


    Create reports over any kind of data managed by Alfresco, including documents, metadata, audit logs, users and groups.

    Best in class technology

    evoReports is based on Jasper Reports, one of the most popular reporting solutions on the market.


    evoReports delegates access to control to Alfresco so your documents are always secure.